Sunday, August 31, 2014

Black Medick

Black Medick
Medicago lupulina
This is the last day of August, another month gone by; two thirds of the way through the year. I should have done a snazzier plant than Black Medick for this milestone, but that's what you get. All plants aren't snazzy!

Black Medick isn't the most highly desirable plant.  A Google search shows about half of the sites refer to it as a weed and have recommendations on how to get rid of it.  It's not native to North America and grows well in lawns and patios.

It looks like a clover but is closer related to Alfalfa, being in the same genus.  It's actually rather difficult to differentiate between this and some of the Trifolium "Hop Clover's".  I've seen all sorts of descriptions of the lengths of the leaflet petioles and tips at the ends of the leaflets, but the sure way to tell is to find the fruit, which is distinctive for Black Medick.

Fruit structure
Grows nicely within cement cracks

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