Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Yellow Pond-lily

Yellow Pond-lily
Nuphar lutea
Everyone has seen Yellow Pond-lily's on lakes and slow moving streams and called them anything from Bullhead Lily to Spatterdock to Water Lily and who knows what else.  It seems that the taxonomists can't agree on this plant at all, some saying that there is only one Nuphar species in the whole world, this one, Nuphar lutea, while others split it into a bunch of separate species.

So this one could be called Nuphar lutea (L.) Sm. ssp. advena (Aiton) Kartesz & Gandhi, or it could simply be called Nuphar advena.

I tend to be more of a lumper than a splitter, so I'm happy with calling them all the same thing and then enjoying the rest of my canoe trip.

Sometimes the flowers grow under water
The leaves tend to stick up out of the water, rather than floating on the water like White Waterlily

Seed pod with the petals fallen off

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  1. That color is fantastic! Just what we needed at the end of December. :) That seed pod is beautiful too!