Friday, December 12, 2014


Juglans cinerea
Butternut is closely related to the Black Walnut, having the same genus. The leaves are similar, but the Butternut leaf has a terminal leaflet whereas most of the Black Walnut leaves do not, although sometimes they do.

Unfortunately, I don't have a pic of a Butternut fruit, but it's lemon-shaped rather that spherical like the Black Walnut.

The range of the plants are about the same, although Butternut is shifted a bit more north than the walnut.

It is much, much less common than walnut. It's not common anywhere in its range. It's a rather short-lived tree, only lasting about 75 years at the most.

This plant was photographed at a local university, IPFW, which has a very cool Tree Walk. I could probably do a whole blog just about all of the trees that have been planted on its campus. If you're a tree guy and get to Fort Wayne, you need to check this out.

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