Saturday, December 6, 2014

Whiteflower Leafcup

Whiteflower Leafcup
Polymnia Canadensis
The genus is named after the Greek goddess Polyhmnia, one of the nine Muses, specifically the Muse of religious hymns; one of the more serious Muses, unlike Thaleia, the Muse of comedy, or Erato, the Muse of erotic poetry (really?!), or Terpsikhore, the Muse of song and dance. I guess Whiteflower Leafcup is a pious plant.

This plant has a genus-mate from South American, Polymnia edulis, also known as Yacon, which of course makes you think of yak bacon but it isn't. It grows tubers underground which look like potatoes but are said to taste like pears. Farmers in the Andes plant it alongside other crops to enjoy as a sweet snack while out in the fields.

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