Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Spreading Hedgeparsley

Spreading Hedgeparsley
Torilis arvensis
"An easy field mark is that most of the stems and branches are retrorse-strigose, but the peduncles are antrorsely strigose, if I remember correctly."

That's what someone told me when I was asking about identification of this plant.  That's how botanists talk. They're worse than computer people.

Another common name for this plant is Canadian Hedgeparsley, which suggests that it's native to Canada, although it is not native to Indiana.  I'm not sure which part of Canada it is native to.

A similar plant is Japanese Hedgeparsley, which comes from Japan.  An easy way to distinguish the two is that Japanese Hedgeparsley does not have the combination of retrorse-strigose stems and branches AND antrorsely strigose peduncles. :-)

The flowers looks somewhat like Queen Anne's Lace
It has a tendency to grow in bunches

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