Thursday, July 17, 2014


Narcissus pseudonarcissus
Most nature preserves and parks  in northeast Indiana have the remains of old homesteads and it has become obvious to me that daffodils were favorite flowers to plant around the houses.  Generally not much remains of the house, maybe some of the foundation, but the daffodils do remain!  They come in all colors and varieties and it's a springtime surprise to see a bunch of them in the woods.  These plants must live for a hundred years!

There are two species that are considered naturalized in Indiana, the Daffodil and tomorrow's Plant of the Day - Poet's Narcissus.  It's a bit difficult to distinguish the different species of daffodils, since they come in all shapes and colors, but the basic Daffodil has a tubular flower with petals that flare outwards or backwards.

One of the many varieties found in the woods of northeast Indiana

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