Thursday, July 24, 2014

Longspur Violet

Longspur Violet
Viola rostrata
The great thing about the Longspur Violet is that it's easy to identify!  There is so much variability among the violets that some taxonomists make a living just sorting them out. Fortunately this species is different than the others and doesn't have so much variability that the taxonomists are tempted to split/lump it ad infinitum.

This is a somewhat unusual violet in Indiana.  These pics were taken at the Wendell & Evelyn Dygert Nature Preserve in northeast Indiana.  This and numerous other nature preserves are owned and operated by Acres Land Trust, an awesome organization  that owns over 5000 acres in northeast Indiana and parts of Michigan and Ohio.  They have been around since 1960 and are one of the biggest and most influential land trusts in Indiana.

The bracts at the base of the leaves are jagged
The plants have a different "look" to them than other violets

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