Friday, July 18, 2014

Common Wheat

Common Wheat
Triticum aestivum
The farmers are busy harvesting the winter wheat right now, at least in northeast Indiana.  Drive down the country roads and you'll eventually find a field that is cut, or partially cut.  For some reason you often see a couple of rows harvested and no more.  I think they go out and get a load and have it tested for moisture or whatever before they go out and harvest the whole field.  If there are any farmers out there that know for sure, please leave a comment (Darci!).

Wheat is another one of those plants that is a farm crop that escapes and can be found here and there in the off season.  It's not native and wouldn't survive long if it were no longer farmed here, but since it is, it is included in the field guides.

Fields of wheat are less common than corn and soybeans, but still found commonly in northeast Indiana
One plant
Almost ready to harvest

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