Saturday, February 22, 2014

Disc Mayweed

Disc Mayweed
Matricaria discoidea
You've probably never heard of Disc Mayweed, although there's a good chance you're familiar with its other name, Pineappleweed.  Pineappleweed is a good name for it, since it smells just like a pineapple when you crush it between your fingers.

You've probably seen this plant, but not have taken notice.  It's quite common in driveways and between the cracks of sidewalks.  It's rather short and unassuming.

The original range is the Pacific Northwest and northeast Asia.  It is possible that it was originally brought to North America by the Amerindians.

Another name for this plant is Wild Chamomile.  It is edible and can be made into a tea that helps with insomnia.

Disc Mayweed has finely divided, feathery leaves.

The flowerheads are quite distinctive, although the flowers themselves don't amount to much.

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